Gold Egyptian Revival Pocket Watch Longines Art Nouveau

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During the late 1900’s through the 1930’s there was a worldwide movement remembering and wooing the ancient Egyptian civilization.  Especially in Europe this movement became known as the Egyptian Revival Movement.  Everyday items begin honoring the past, although few people had ever seen anything or read about its symbolism.  France was one of the highest achieving countries to appreciate this past heritage.  Although popular and not lasting long, few fine examples of art or Jewelry remain throughout the world today.  Longines was a popular innovative company well known for their quality and made the challenge to create items in this revival design.  This is probably the only known example of a gold and enamel pocket watch surviving.  With a second hand, this makes this gem far more desirable. Approximately 40 mm x 51 mm (top of the ring to the bottom). Minor Loss To Enamel.