White Jade Pendant Calligraphy Lishu Script

Regular price $65,000

Chinese carvings for personal use, such as wearing, are a kin to present day fine jewelry.  Commissioning a personal piece to display around ones neck was expensive and took a long time.  Modern day tools take short times to create, but in earlier times it could take months or more to get that treasure.  Carvers and craftsman during the 17th/18th century were common, but the more advanced, well known and experts artisans were in short supply.  During this time it may have taken years to get the commissioned piece to the customer.  A premium was placed on pure white and specialty order pieces and only wealthy or royalty had access to purchase.  This pure white Jade pendant or tablet depicts a lady standing under a tree being fanned by a servant.  The reverse carved in high relief and contains calligraphy of a long ancient poem exquisitely executed in Lishu - Clerical Script.  As examples of Lishu were nearly extinct, the carver would have been limited to find examples.  Obviously since few examples of this type carving are known, this is a special example of art the stands on its own.  A pierced elaborate top for attaching a chain or cord for wear.  All over carved with superb carving and a soft polish and patina.  Minor chip to edge. Approximately 1 5/8" wide x 2 1/2" high. 17th/18th century.