White Jade Coupe With Boys

Regular price $175,000

Chinese Jade water coups or brush washers are necessary vessels on the Scholar's desk.  Pure white Jade material is and was expensive and not for the general public.  Royalty and wealthy, many being landowners were primarily the patrons for this art.  Execution of the carver and designer were an intricate part of the commission.  These type vessels were for exclusive clientele and not a stock item on the shelf for people to view and hopefully purchase.  The design for this piece utilizing four boys represent the wish for many sons.  Large size examples of coupes are rare and sought after by collectors worldwide.  This example exemplifies Chinese artistry.  Created with four boys carved in high relief holding a lotus flower and bowl with the base of leaves.  Bright white semi-translucent material. Approximately 6" wide x 2 7/8" high. Minimal chipping and natural inclusions. Qing Dynasty.  Formally in the Belz collection, Memphis, Tennessee.