White Jade Citron Pendant 18th Century

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Antique Chinese Carved White Jade Pendant - Citron Design With Vines At Its Top. Finely Carved With Sharp Details And A Soft Polish And Patina. 18th Century. Approximately 1 1/2" High x 1" Wide x 7/8" Deep.


HIDDEN MEANING: May you have blessings and longevity (duofu duoshou 多福多壽)!

The Buddha’s-hand citron (foshou 佛手; Latin botanical name Citrus medica "Sarcodactylis") takes its common name from its shape, which resembles the Buddha’s idealized lotus-shaped fingers. Though not edible unless preserved with salt or sugar, the fruit has a strong fragrance and is used as an altar offering during the New Year celebration.

The word for this fruit is a pun for "blessings and longevity" (fu 福 and shou 壽).

The Buddha's-hand citron (foshou) is a visual pun for blessings and longevity. The fruit itself is used medicinally and is believed to have health-giving qualities.