Art Nouveau Plique-à-jour Brooch By Louchet

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Fabulous and rare Art Nouveau gold and Plique-à-jour enamel brooch. The translucent enamel is reminiscent in style of stained glass. This has been preserved in its original condition with minimal wear or usage. The back flap opens upwards. In original fitted box by - Louchet (Paris).  This is similar in style to the work created by Masters Lalique, LC Tiffany, Cartier, Faberge and Follot during the Art Nouveau time period. Skilled work masters were in short supply, so many of them were shared by the various jewelry houses. Three export marks, including an owl with "75" in its body.  Approximately 2 1/4" Wide.

The Firm - Louchet was originally founded by Paul Louchet. Louchet was a sculptor, bronze caster and jeweler. He worked closely with his brother Albert. Much of their work was sold and exhibited under the name Paul-Albert Louchet. At the turn of the 20th Century they had a retail shop in Paris at 3, rue Auber. Although mostly known today for their bronze creations and casting, Few of their jewelry creations exist today - it is not known how many jewelry pieces were actually created. Their jewelry creations are believed to be on par with the master Rene Lalique.