Longquan Celadon Mallet-Form Vase Dragon Head Fish Handles Chinese Sung/Yuan

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Chinese Longquan celadon mallet-form vase. The cylindrical body with sloping shoulders with a slender neck. Handles on either side in the form of dragon headed fish. All over with a celadon glaze. The edge of the foot unglazed and the recessed base which is also glazed. Approximately 9" high x 4 1/4" wide. Old silver repairs to the handles.

Southern Song/Yuan Dynasty - 13th-14th Century.

Sold By Robert Eldred Company:
ORIENTAL ART AT AUCTION August 27,28,29, 1987. Lot #428- Illustrated. Description As Follows:
428 CELADON PORCELAIN BOTTLE VASE With Cylindrical neck, mounted with two chih lung dragon handles, Silver lacquer repairs. Height 9".

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Freer/Sackler Gallery - Smithsonian Museum Of Asian Art - Purchase F1937.18- Longquan ware mallet-shape vase - late 13th-early 14th century.
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Sullivan - Chinese Ceramics, Bronzes and Jades in the Collection of Sir Alan and Lady Barlow, London, 1963, pl. 80a; and in The World’s Great Collections: Oriental Ceramics, Vol. 3, Museum Pusat, Jakarta, Tokyo, 1982, pl. 130.

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Hangzhou History Museum, illustrated in Cuise, Zhuoyu, Meiqing: Yue Yao, Yaozhou Yao, Longquan Yao Qingci Wenhua Duibi Yenjiu (Cuise, Zhuoyu, Meiqing: The Comparison Studies of Yue, Yaozhou, and Longquan Wares), Hangzhou, 2007, p. 120, - Excavated In Gudong, Hangzhou.

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Sensei Bansei to Ryusenyo no Seiji (Sansei, Bansei, and Celadon of Longquan Wares) at the Kuboso Memorial Museum of Art, Izumi, 1996, no. 11, p. 41. - Slightly Smaller And A Mallet Form Vase (Illustrated).

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Sotheby’s New York - Important Chinese Art -
March 15, 2017. Sale #N09662 Lot #650

A Small “Longquan’ Celadon Vase Song - Yuan Dynasty
the cylindrical body surmounted by a tall slender neck rising to a broad everted rim, set to each side with a pair of lightly molded handles, incised with a double ring high on the neck and with further lightly incised line borders at the shoulder and foot, covered overall with a soft sea-green glaze, the unglazed foot fired brick-orange in the firing
Height 5 1/2 in., 13.9 cm
Price Realized - $62,500

Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bernat.
Sotheby Parke Bernet, New York, 7th November 1980, lot 148.
Exhibition of Chinese Ceramics: Lent by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bernat, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1947, cat. no. 90.
Chinese Ceramics of the Sung Dynasty, Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire, 1959, cat. no. 33.
Chinese Art, Smith College Museum, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1962, cat. no. 121.

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Christie's New York - The Classic Age of Chinese Ceramics - The Linyushanren Collection, Part III 22 March 2018, New York Sale #14850 Lot #528

The vase is robustly potted with a mallet-shaped body with angular, sloping shoulders, rising to a tall neck flanked by a pair of handles in the form of dragon-headed fish, below the widely flared, dish-shaped mouth. The vase is covered overall with an even glaze of soft sea-green color, leaving the greyish foot ring unglazed.
11 ¼ in. (28.6 cm.) high, Japanese double wood box
Price realised USD 275,000