Jade Quail Pole Finial Sung Dynasty

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Quails throughout Chinese history symbolize courage and a fighting spirit. As they mate for life they are believed to signify marital loyalty and long life living in peace. This early carving is a pole finial and carved during the Sung Dynasty (960–1279). Its fine sharp details depict the peaceful portrait of a happy bird with round eyes, raised head and its feathers flap back on its sides. Resting on its feet. Rare yellow color with brown splashes. A hole throughout its body for mounting. Now with a fine soft polish and a soft silky patina. Approximately 2 1/4" Wide x 1 1/2" High.

Small Jade animals were cherished and enjoyed by the Chinese elite since early times.  These toys of affection were enhanced by the smooth cool feeling
which brought on a sense of warmth to their owners.