Jade Ferocious Panther Jaguar

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Privilege and sophistication has its benefits when collection fine art.  Many times it is not who you know, but being in the right place at the right time.  Owning a piece like this Panther is one of those great benefits.  To begin, the flowing style, size, superior carving, and execution are superior in all aspects. The ferocious Jaguar or Panther rests on its for feet, elongated stance, with a curled tail.  His mouth wide open, ears flared backwards ready to attack.  Crafted showing his ribs and sloping body as if he was being viewed in person.  Chinese animals created from the first day to present day are usually exaggerated to please the artist.  This masterpiece leaves little to the imagination.  He symbolizes strength and power and would be the center focus of any collection. Primarily black with brown and white streaks. Approximately 5 3/4" Long. Han Dynasty (205 B.C. - 220 A.D.) or earlier.

Small Jade animals were cherished and enjoyed by the Chinese elite since early times.  These toys of affection were enhanced by the smooth cool feeling
which brought on a sense of warmth to their owners.