Jade Bi Disk Liangzhu Provenance

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History tells us that wealthy people have the ability to own and possess treasures that only a few other can share and appreciate.  Both in life on earth and thereafter people of means try to make sure of their status.  This Chinese Bi is an example of this status.  The Bi is symbolized by a round disk with a hole through its center.  In the earliest times, the Bi was a plain disk, without engraving or carving.  As time and centuries progressed the Chinese became more skilled and artistic and thus more elaborate examples can be seen.  Throughout history the raw material - Jade was rather expensive. Only the few were able to afford pieces to buried with.  This ritual Bi was a symbol of wealth and military power. Tomb discoveries have shown that the Bi was usually found upon the chest or upper body, symbolizing Heaven.  The wealthier the person, usually the larger the piece.  This large Bi is probably the largest example known.  Apparently the original owner must have been the equivalent of today’s one percent in order to afford such a treasure. This rare example, dating somewhere between 3400 - 2250 BC is something to impress even the most savvy of Chinese collectors.  Approximately 15 1/2” Wide and mounted on elaborate wood stand.

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