Jade Coupe Ex: Duke & Duchess Of Windsor

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Throughout history Jade objects d’art were generally purchased and owned by the elite.  The cost of the raw material was a luxury.  Historically these carvings had a utilitarian use and as time evolved these fantasies became more elaborate and pleasing aesthetically and today we enjoy them for their beauty.

This double handled coupe or bowl had its shape birth thousands of years ago, originally as a bronze model.  Probably first used as a drinking vessel and simply decorated, many years of evolution this was crafted in Jade.  Exquisitely carved with a simple and elegant design with a raised “pimple” body body.  Carved during the Ming Dynasty - 1368 to 1644 A.D. when trade throughout the world flourished, the West welcomed the Chinese wares.

This rare coupe was undoubtedly cherished by its former owners - The Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  Mostly likely positioned on the Kings desk, it was a reminder of the influence the Chinese culture had on the rest of the world.

Duke of Windsor, also know as King Edward VIII, ruled in England for only a short time.  He abdicated the throne so he could marry the love of his life Wallis Simpson.

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