Italian Antique Gold Mounted Cameo With Inset Gems And Enamel

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During the 18th/19th century in Europe there was a renewed interest in Renaissance objects and jewelry.  Expertise by craftsman was at a pinnacle and wealth and world trade abundant.  The rich wanted to possess fine things, but there was not enough to go around and those who collected in prior times were rarely selling.  Thus the artists returned to their teachings and a movement occurred called The Renaissance Revival. The 1% commissioned all sorts of delicacies.  Woman wanted fine jewels and so styles were reproduced in glory.  This cameo mounted pendant is a reborn work of art. Crafted in high carat gold, embellished with various natural gemstones. The center cameo depicting a helmeted warrior.  Approximately 5 1/2" high x 2 7/8" wide. Minimal losses to enamel commensurate with age. Italian. The carved cameo probably 17th/18th century - the high karat gold and enamel mounting 18th/19th Century Or Earlier.