Komai Style Tea Caddy ASAI

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Sometimes when one is collecting and appreciates the artform they come upon a piece that is not what they would ever expect, but only dream of. This Meiji Period iron inlaid tea caddy Is one of those rarities.  Created in the Koami tradition. The shape, design and quality of work is superb, rarely equalled. Craftsmanship of this quality is a lost art. With all of our technology today we are unable to re-create the inlay Nuome Zogan.  The designs are impressive and elaborate, dragon, birds, flowers, chrysanthemums, and Temple are only the beginning. This miniature work of art not only stands out for its perfection, but it was also crafted by the master craftsman ASAI (from Kyoto).  In this case, size is important - this miniature gem is only 4 1/4” high.