Imperial Green Jadeite And Opal Brooch

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The world knows the term Imperial Green Jade, but most have never actually seen or touched a piece. Generally, Imperial Green is classified by a deep emerald green color.  Purists go a step further and demand that the stone be totally translucent with no impurities. Today, it is commonly termed by a certain color.  Imperial Green is much sought after by the wealthiest of Chinese collectors.  There is little supply and much demand.  Burma still has some that is found, but few fine examples. The Chinese have always been know in their skill of creating superior designs and this brooch is a tribute to past excellence. The pin is high carat gold, the center with a gem pear shape cabochon of Imperial quality and embellished on its open work mounting are vibrant gem blue opals and natural pearls.  Its reverse signed with impressed characters in Chinese. Approximately 1 3/4" wide x 5/8" high.