Glazed Pottery Joss Stick ShiShi

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Popularized during the introduction to Buddhism in Japan, ShiShi were a combination of a Korean Dog and a Chinese Lion. Others feel that the ShiShi is derived from the Chinese Foo Dog.  Commonly the term Foo Dog and Foo Lion are used interchangeably is a misconception, but lions are not indigenous to Japan, China or Korea, appearing first during the Han Dynasty over 2000 years ago.  Our example is a combination of a dragon and a lion, known in Japan as a ShiShi.  This joss stick - candle holder is glazed pottery with multi-colored enables, decorated with clouds and stars.  Its tail used as a handle.  An old tag on its base stating it was once museum property. Approximately 5" High x 4 5/8" Long x 3 1/4" Wide. 18th Or Earlier Century.