Blue Jadeite Hanging Vase

Regular price $375,000

For the connoisseur and collector, this represents your opportunity to possess a magnificently carved piece of natural blue Jadeite that is unmatched and unrivaled in any museum collection. Crafted after an archaic Chinese bronze vase. This elegant vase is made from extremely rare blue jadeite, of which there are only very few occurrences in the world. Meticulously crafted by an expert carver and craftsman. It is delicately suspended from a plexiglass stand attached by fine pearls. Thanks to its semi-transparency, the Blue Jadeite Hanging Vase radiates an enticing brilliance and multi-dimensionality when touched by light. It was lab tested by the Gemological Society in 2006 for its natural color and translucency. Height: 5 3/4” 20th century.